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Khaplu Town, the head-quarter of Distict Gangchhe, is located at 7700 ft from sea level and at a distance of 104 km from Skardu on the left bank of river Shayok. There is a flow of all type of conveyance between Skardu and Khaplu. This town has a special characteristic of natural beauty and culture. Majority of the population belong to Noorbakhshia- a Sufi Order , having a very peaceful social norms. The famous Chakchan mosque, a master of exquisite wood carvings and lattice, built in 15th Century AD by the great Sayed Amirkabir Sayed Ali Hamadani. The castle of former Yabgo rulers is a must heritage to visit. It is one of the most beautiful wooden building in the whole country built in the most beautiful combination of Tibetan and Iranian architectural design and wood works. Thorsey-khar rock tower behind the Chakchan mosque and the royal castle is a place, worth to be visit. This tower was the original place of the dwelling of the rulers of Khaplu valley in the past. The birds eye view of Khaplu town and the vicinity is awesome and breath taking. A metaled road passes through the town in zig-zag. All administrative, judicial and health departments of the district are also located in the town. Karakoram Lodge and PTDC Motel provide good rooms , meals and atmosphere. There are a few restaurants in main marker & roadside, where Pakistani and Chinese meals are served on cheaper prices. Khaplu is also connected with the world through telephone, mobile and net service.

Khaplu town is the rear base camp for onward travel to Mashabrum Peak, Ghondoghoro Pass and K-6/K-7 peaks. Hushe village-the base camp of Karakoram glaciers and peaks on Khaplu side, is only 48 kms from Khaplu and jeep drive takes only two hours and a day’s walk. From Khaplu town one can drive or travel through Thaley Pass and get down to Shigar Town as well. It takes two days for a walk. Only a few kms walk to Surmo village from Khaplu town, a visitor can see the magnificent peak of Mashabrum from the roadside and take photographs. About 35km above Skardu, the Indus – locally called the Sind – is joined by the Shyok River (pronounced as one syllable, roughly ‘shyok’). The Shyok is the axis of Khaplu, the biggest and richest of Baltistan’s ancient kingdoms, and the scenery is superb.

The Shyok and Indus basins above their junction (embracing ancient Khaplu, sometimes spelled Khapalu) comprise Ghanche district, with Khaplu village as headquarters. Allow at least a full day around Khaplu village, even if you’re not a walker, and be prepared for cooler weather than Skardu.