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Our Projects


Kanday Union Council area has been encountering great health problems like other places of Baltistan. As the population has very little economic resources, mostly un-educated and being far from hospitals in Khaplu & Skardu towns, especially the women and children face great problems in getting medically checked and treatments. Mother's illness and infanticide ratio is much higher.

Kanday is the second last village of Mashabrum Union of District Ghanche and there is no any health facility for women and children. Women of this valley is facing big problem during their pregnancy. We are in planning to make one Mother & Child Health Center (MCH) for the women and children of thus Union Council area which will provide check and treatment services to the needy women and children .

We need your help to save the lives of pregnant and ailing women and infanticides.

Women Development

This Organization has resolved to develop the women folk of the area by empowering them in community participation i.e. providing them representation in MWDOB, helping them in organizing themselves in societies and other similar bodies, as well as supporting them to contest election in Union Council elections. So that the women could be heard at community and government level. Moreover, we are trying to build their capacity by providing them different building measures .i.e. learning various indigenous arts and crafts.


Like other places, we also face acute problem in keeping our environmental situation balanced , which has already been deteriorated a lot. Poverty, illiteracy, geographical diverse and severe climatic conditions as well as unawareness among the community all over in our country are the main reasons to it. As the area, especially the mountains which occupy 90% of the area, is devoid of greenery and forests and usage of forest produces as a fuel for cooking, rapid increase in population , un-checked and unlimited usage of chemicals and pesticides in agriculture and unawareness of community regarding hygiene, have all collectively imbalance the environmental situation in the area.

MWDOB feel the utmost necessity to adopt measures in order to give the community awareness to stop use of forest produces, minimum use of chemicals and pesticides and maintain the physical environment of houses, clusters, villages hygienically. MWDOB has resolved to take this major problems in hand in order to take steps for preservation of natural environment balanced so that the community could be benefited generation to generation. We need help to overcome the environmental issues.