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Where we work

Mashabrum Welfare & Development Organization (MWDOB) is a multi-sector, non-profitable and non-government organization. This Organization is located in Khaplu , District Ghanche (Gilgit-Baltistan), Pakistan.

MWDOB is committed in different activities, focused on Health, Education, Environment, Agriculture & Human Resource Development. The foundation of this organization was voluntarily laid by a group of committed local members with determination to serve the humanity. MWDOB has already accomplished several welfare activities prior to its registration. Office of this Organization located is village Kanday, Sub-Division Mashabrum District Ghanche. Majority of population in the umbrella of MWDOB are farmers and labors living in below poverty economically.


To improve the education and health conditions of remote and backward areas of Baltistan through participatory approaches in multi sectors especially health, education and environment issues.


To achieve basic human needs and upgrade living standard in the remote villages through organized community participatory efforts by utilizing local and foreign resources for sustainable rural development.

Aims & Objectives

  • To promote welfare of small Entrepreneurs in various fields.
  • To provide counseling and consultancy services for promoting enterprises in Baltistan.
  • To improve primary and elementary education and provide quality education in the area.
  • To organize community participation and private partnership.
  • To help physically, mentally and visually impaired and welfare for the poverty stricken and destitute persons.
  • To educate the people for forest and animal protection and control the environmental deterioration pollution and to promote, ways and means to sustain environmental preservation.
  • To provide clean drinking water in different villages in the area.
  • To arrange irrigation water for waste and barren lands to improve agricultural resources.
  • To provide health and education facilities in the community.

MWDOB wanted to work in these villages of Baltistan, Pakistan for their Education, Health and Development. 

    Skardu              Shigar             Khaplu             Kanday               Hushe       

Baltistan is situated in between Ladakh and Gilgit, amid the Karakorum and Himalaya straddling on both sides of river Indus. In the north it is bordered by Sinjiang Province of China, on east by Ladakh and Kashmir, on south by Nangaparbat(8126m) mountain and in the west by Gilgit. Main river is Indus and Shigar and Shayok rivers are its tributaries. At the moment Baltistan is about 27,000 sqr kms with a population of about 0.5 million. Worlds highest mountains including K-2 (8611m), Broad Peak (8047m), Gashabrum –I (8068m) Gashabrum-II (8035m) and the longest glaciers out of polar stations i.e. Siachan (70 km), Baltoro (62 km), Biafo (63 km), Chogolungma are located here. Majority of the population belong to Tibetan ethnic group with admixture of Brushes, Dards, Chinese & Turkish and Kashmiris which approximately become 40% of the whole population. Main profession is agriculture & animal farming , and some earn their living through govern services and portering for tourists. As the area falls behind Himalaya mountains, therefore, it is termed as a dry temperate area .Moreover major area consist of rugged mountains, with extreme climatic conditions therefore, there are no forests and meadows and agriculture and animal farming is also very difficult. Due to its hermit location, hard geographical conditions and climatic circumstance, economy of the people is very low. Most of the population is total illiterate or little literate. Bad economy, unavoidable circumstances and very little education have caused people physically and psychologically very poor.

Baltistan is a unique place in this planet and God has blessed it with every beauty all-together . The highest mountains and peaks, the longest glaciers out of polar stations, the breath taking valleys, the idyllic villages, the sky – blue water of rivers, Indus, Shayok and Shigar, the deserts and sand-dunes, the lush green meadows, the turquoise blue lakes, the peaceful social political and religious atmosphere, the simple-ness of people, the serenity, fragrance in the air make Baltistan a heaven on earth. The highest peaks of Baltistan challenge the climbers, the vast glaciers allure trekkers, the lush green valleys and plateau fascinate the tourists, the vanishing and un-discovered cultural heritage and history. Due to little introduction and difficult access, Baltistan is still an undiscovered, unexplored and off the tract. Area. Baltistan is connected with Islamabad with a

Daily Boeing flight and an all weather road. It is well connected with each and e very corner of the world by telephone, mobile phones and net service. Via Hunza and Gilgit , it is also easily access-able from Kashghar , China.