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Kanday village (sub-division Mashabrum consists of 1200 souls in 120 household) situted on the footstep of great mountain range makes it a great appearance, located at (2900m) it refers to an area of 500 Sq km located about 139km east of Skardu and 35 km north east of Khaplu Ghanche. The village lies in cold desert mountain ecosystem. In winter the area receives heavy snowfall from November to March. However the summer has been very pleasant. the village has vast area of natural pasture. The pastures located on comparatively loser elevation are grazed. the area has many natural species like Asiatic Ibex wolf Chukker snow cock snow leopard and many more are easily can seen from the village.

Main source of livelihood of the people of Kanday is tourism. They are serving tourist as porters, cook and guide during summer. The village is famous for tourist attraction. Nature lover mountaineer visits the area. Every mountain peaks like Amin Brakk (5850m), Mashabrum (7821m), K-6 (7281) K-7 and beautiful Nangma valley attract mountaineers large number of trekkers come to the area to trek through famous trekking routes such as K2 base camp and Concordia. The area is a spectacular, legendary and magic place for any restless spirit. The people of this area are so hospitable people in the world. Warmth engaging charm traditional hospitality, which is nation, is renewed. The people are mostly affiliated with agro-framing and hosting tourist community. They become homeless, jobless and landless due to village was completely damaged and the people migrated to another location. Now are striving for resettlement at new location.

The village Kanday is so far deprived from all basic amenities of lives; the people are not access to clean drinking water, health and education facilities and job opportunities. The main source of income of local people depends on flow of tourist. But due to the present situation prevailing in northern part of NWFP are also affecting these areas.