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voluntarily worked

Kharidas Bridge

Mashabrum welfare & development organization construct one bridge for Kharidas land in 1998, with the collaboration of Kobler & Partner Switzerland. People of kanday used this bridge from 1998 to 2005. During the flood in Hushe River the bridge destroyed.

Kanday Pipe line project

We worked as a voluntary in kanday pipe project during March 2005 supported by Italian Gruppo Scoiattoli. This pipe project for new kanday from Sehly valley the distance is 11700 fits. Sehly valley there is spring water and this water we bring for new Kanday through from Mungulu by pipe line and now people of Kanday using this spring water for drinking in their home. This project was 17500 Euro supported by Italian Gruppo Scoiattoli and Kobler & Partner Switzerland. We complete this project within 3 months with the help of the community.

Food for Kanday people

Two times flood destroyed Kanday one in 1997 and the second in 2000 and the old Kanday houses and lands almost fully destroyed. The flood affected people of the village shifted to new area called Mehdi Abad Kanday. During 2000 we provided one month ration for the 26 flood affected families of Kanday village with the help of Mr. Kari Kobler from Switzerland.