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As a Social Venture Philanthropist, MWDOB promotes and catalyses universal education among underprivileged children, create the process to embrace these children into mainstream in a sustained manner, facilitate them to emerge as productive assets, and set the MWDOB for Baltistan.

Executive Committee Members:

  1. Mr. Mehdi Jan                   President
  2. Mr. Muhammad Ali           General Sectary
  3. Mr. Haji Ghulam Ali         Finance Sectary
  4. Mr. Imtyaz Ahmed           Office Sectary

The Executive Committee manages the MWDOB’s operation directly and it reports to the member of MWDOB. Members of this committee are professionals working with Mashabrum Welfare and Development Organization Baltistan. Executive committee can change/drop the members of MWDOB if they don’t work properly.

Education Committee Members:

  1. Ibrahim Khalil  Chairman
  2. Basharat Ali Inspector
  3. Fida Muhammad Joint Sectary
  4. Muhammad Ibrahim Office Sectary

Members of the Committee are as follow:

  1. Mr. Muhammad Ishaq
  2. Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed
  3. Mr. Karim Khan
  4. Mr. Hassan
  5. Mr. Muhammad Nawaz
  6. Mr. Haji Yousaf Ali
  7. Mr. Abdu
  8. Mr. Muhammad Musa
  9. Mr. Mirza Muhammad
  10. Mr. Muhammad Ishaq
  11. Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim
  12. Mr. Anwar Ali
  13. Mr. Muhammad Yousaf
  14.  Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim