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Due to lack of quality education for the people of this area is far behind in education, awareness and development. In order to overcome these shortage of education facilities, the population of this area has worked hard on self help bases and some very basic requirements has been provided.

However, due to the physical features of these areas the provision of existing educational facilities has been disappointing.

The education facilities and centers provided to the population but the Organization on self help basis, are facing acute shortage of qualified teachers, laboratory and furnishing facilities as well as to warm the classrooms in winter. MWDOB focused on educate as core of sustainability of all our developmental activities. Provision of scholarships to bright students ensured continuation of their further studies beyond the village. The community managed school (Amin Brak Public School Kanday since 2006) has set a trend of quality and meaningfulness of education in the area.

Moreover, this origination feels the need to upgrade the existing schools to middle and higher classes for which resources in cash and kind are needed.